5 Family Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to get spooky and have some fun! Today I’ll be giving you top 5 family costume ideas! I love a good couples or family costume. So excited to dress up this year. My husband and I will probably do something from Harry Potter!

  1. Adam’s Family – With the new movie just releasing- THIS is a great idea for 2021

2.Incredibles is a fun Disney family costume

3.Paw Patrol

4.Superheros is a classic favorite of mine


These are all great choices and so much fun to do as a family or couples. Let loose, relax and enjoy your spooky night out with family and friends!

Katie <3



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5 Fall Foliage Adventure Ideas

5 -Fall Foliage Adventures

One of my favorite times of the year is leaf peeping season. It is fun for the whole family and you can make it more adventurous with little games to play as well. This will help keep the kids occupied while you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  1. Go for a long scenic drive. There are many scenic roads that are perfect to see these vibrant colors.
  2. Go to a local state park and hike. Hikes vary from easy to difficult- research areas with variety. 
  3. Visit a local park and pack a picnic, some hot cider and a blanket. Sit and just soak up all the beauty nature has to offer.
  4. Go on a train ride that travels through areas where the views would be scenic and transport you away from your day to day
  5. Take a boat cruise on a river or lake- these are always so enjoyable and give a different view than from the road!

Depending on where you live, I’m sure there are so many other ideas you can do to see it, but living on the East Coast in Connecticut, we are lucky enough to see fall foliage everywhere.

What do you like to do to experience the fall weather and the beauty nature provides the world with?

For me, I love photography and hiking or kayaking- It gives me such a peace, calmness, and creativity. I feel so much better after venturing out for a while.

Go out and find some adventure 🙂


My trip to Niagara Falls

Last weekend my husband and I traveled to Ontario, Canada to visit Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario. It was breathtaking, I honestly am still in awe of its beauty. It was about a 7 hour ride for us to travel up to Canada and it was well worth the travel time. If you love nature, wine, breweries, and amusement, Niagara is a great place for couples and families.

Our first day there we went through customs to enter Canada, it was a smooth process as long as you prepared for it. We had to get a PCR covid test 72 hours before travel and bring a paper copy of our results along with covid vaccine records and our passports. I also had to upload all of that information on ARRIVECAN which is an app Canada uses to have electronic documents of who comes and goes.

Then we were off to our first hotel stay at the Capri Inn which is on the channel that goes out to Lake Ontario. It is in the city area but has a limited amount of rooms with a lake view. It was a great stay- clean, shower had great pressure and the beds were comfortable. After we checked in, we decided to go check out a couple of the wineries in the area. I was shocked to find out that they have over 100 in a 30 minute radius of where we were staying.

The first one we visited and honestly the best one- I highly recommend visiting is Reif Estate Winery. Don’t make the same mistake we did, make a reservation!! The wine we tasted was very good that we even bought a few bottles, which is rare for me to do. The ambiance there is beautiful. Surrounded by fields and fields of wine grapes. The winery has food and slushies as well. We enjoyed it!

We then headed out to two other wineries where one was awful and the other one was just okay. Then spent a low key night watching tv in our room and ordered food to go. It was a beautiful day, but wanted to rest for Niagara Falls the following morning.

The next morning we checked out and headed to Lake Ontario, walked the pier and then had breakfast at Captains. The food is subpar in Canada, we struggled finding decent food. The lake was beautiful and we really enjoyed walking the pier.

We took a quick 15 minute drive over to Niagara Falls Scenic Park and parked- $30. There is no free parking anywhere, we even had to pay to park our car at our hotel this night. As soon as we entered, we were in awe of the views, it is stunning. We walked all along the river to see the New York , USA side of the falls and Canadian side. If it’s windy, you will get wet pretty much anywhere you go but there is an area near Table Rock where you will get wet just standing there. Table Rock is a restaurant that you can eat at, but also the building has a gift shop and entrance to Journey Behind the Falls, which is the excursion we decided to do.

Journey Behind the Falls allows you to walk the tunnels and go out on the observation deck right next to the falls, it’s beautiful and very wet. Don’t worry, they give you a poncho! There is so much history to this tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It took us about 40 minutes to get through it. It isn’t a tour- you do it at your own pace. Highly recommend!

We walked around some more before heading to our hotel- The Oakes Hotel. We had a stunning view of the falls from our room. Then we headed out to the casino to check it out and have dinner. We ate at the italian place in the food court- it is sit down and was decent. It wasn’t amazing but wasn’t bad either. Later we got Thai ice cream and it was so delicious, you should definitely check it out if you love dessert.

Back at the falls, they illuminate them at night from dusk til about 2am. It starts off a certain color and then later on it changes constantly. It was really cool to see and you can even pay to be able to go to the powerstation to change the colors yourself. We didn’t do this but I imagine this is fun for kids.

The sunrise comes up over the falls and it was a great way to start the day with a cup of coffee. We just kept saying how amazing it was to see, can’t say enough about it. We checked out of the hotel and took the incline railway down to the falls and walked into the amusement part of town to check it out. There is a beautiful garden to walk through- it’s free and tons of restaurants, stores, and amusement type stuff.

Do yourself a favor and plan your trip! You won’t regret it. Getting back into the USA was super easy and then we headed home! <3

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Labor Day Festivities

Labor DAY!

Do you know why we have the first Monday off in September?

“Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.” (

It’s important to always remind ourselves why things happen today. It’s also the last ditch effort to embrace summer before fall sweaters, boots and pumpkin everything happens.

How are you celebrating? I go to SC every year to visit family and have a long weekend of fun in the southern sun. There are always parades on the water and land and it’s usually beautiful at 80 degrees. We end up having tons of seafood and fun .

Are you thinking of a picnic? Having a party? Or going away for the long weekend? Whatever you decide I’m sure it will be great and dazzles with red, white and blue everywhere.

Here is a cute recipe for the holiday:

Labor Day Popcorn
Popcorn Themed Ingredients:
Plain popped popcorn (no butter)
Wilton royal blue candy melts
Wilton bright white candy melts
Wilton red candy melts
Red M&Ms
Patriotic nonpareils
Patriotic star confetti sprinkles

How To Make Red, White and Blue Popcorn:

Line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper. (This is not going in the oven, so you can use either.) Spread the popped popcorn in a single layer on the lined cookie sheet. You can use pre-packaged plain popcorn or you can pop your own. Read how to make Instant Pot Popcorn.
In a microwave safe bowl, microwave the blue candy melts for 45 seconds. Remove from the microwave and stir until completely melted and smooth. Using a spoon, drizzle on top of the popcorn. Immediately sprinkle the patriotic nonpareils on top of the melted blue chocolate.

Add the white candy melts to a separate microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 45 seconds. Stir until melted and smooth. Drizzle on top of the popcorn. Before the white chocolate hardens, sprinkle patriotic star confetti sprinkles on top of the melted chocolate.

In a third microwave safe bowl, microwave the red candy melts and drizzle all over the popcorn. Immediately place the red M&M candies on top of the melted red chocolate.
Place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator and chill for 1 hour to allow the chocolate to completely harden. Once hardened, break the popcorn into bite-size pieces.


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Soaking Up the Last Bit of Summer!

Summer is Ending. Kids are headed back to school next week! 

As September is upon us, it’s time to make those plans for some last minute summer fun. There are so many things you can do that are fun and local. Have you visited your local zoo, gone mini golfing, or had a picnic in a local park? No matter where you live, I’m sure this article will help drum up some ideas to explore for you and your loved ones. 

For adults, I love going to local breweries and wineries to support local businesses. It’s like an adult picnic! Grab some friends or a date and pack some cheese, crackers, fruit and veggies and enjoy the day. You can also go to new local restaurants and have a date night or girls night out. I love getting out and going to a concert or a bar with local bands to dance the night away or just enjoy from the bar. There are so many great outdoor areas that make a cool ambience and unique experience. 

For families, there are fairs, petting zoos, farms, and other cute low key local hotspots that are sure to impress and not break the bank. Or how about a water park or amusement park for the day to get some thrill and exercise for the kiddos. There’s still time to go pick fruit and have a day to visit a local orchard. Sunflower mazes are going on and in full bloom. There are always pop up markets, carnivals, and parades that kids would love too. And many towns do touch a truck experiences this time of year. 

If you can, plan a beach or lake day to just relax and get some time to slow down. OR maybe plan a day trip to somewhere you have been wanting to visit.

School time and the holidays are upon us. Stay safe and much love! Enjoy the last bit of summer.



New Hampshire Adventures

NH Adventures

Have you ever wanted to visit the beautiful state of NH? Last summer I had the opportunity to live there for two months while my husband renovated a log cabin. We stayed in a little cabin that was secluded out in White Mountains and it was gorgeous. There is so much to do especially if you love the outdoors and have adventurous little ones. I would highly recommend  visiting. There are so many campgrounds, hotels, and quaint towns to visit. 

Even if you do more winter sport activities- NH is still a great place to visit. While we were there we hiked Mt. Moosilauke and Camel’s hump (VT) both were challenging, fun, and stunning aerial views. We also spent time hiking remote areas with our metal detector, went snorkeling and swimming in the swimming holes. They are everywhere and glorious. We even spent time gold panning in some of the river beds. The sound of the water flowing, nature chirping in the background and the pure silence of the hustle and bustle was just what the doctor ordered. 

If you want to go into town, the food is so good and affordable. Great local spots for ice cream- we visited Moose Scoops more than I care to admit. There are zip lining and rope courses downtown, the polar caves, and Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves that I would definitely recommend checking out for some education and fun. 

We went mini golfing one day, visited a local winery and brewery, and scavenged for covered bridges- there are over 50 in NH. Storyland is also a great spot for kids to visit. You can surely find fun for everyone when visiting. They have beautiful lakes and great pull offs for photo opportunities of the great mountain landscapes.

Another unique experience that I got to do was to pick daisies, boil them down, and dye my own yarn. I learned how to knit and I even made a hat. It was such an amazing experience. I read a book in I don’t know how long, lounged in a hammock, and really got to do some great soul searching and self care. It’s so important to take time to listen to what your body needs. 

If you are looking to get away and find some tranquil, fun and low key family fun- I would say you have found a great place to go.



Summer Family Fun Ideas

Summer is going by so fast, but have no fear there is still time for family fun. Join me as I break down the top 5 family fun things to do that won’t break the bank and are enjoyable for everyone.


  1. Mini-golf (my personal favorite) This activity is long enough but not too long. It’s a fun morning or evening activity for all ages.
  2. Beach day or lake day- pack the family up and head to the sand and water for a fun day of building sand castles, swimming, and reading (for parents)
  3. Picnic in the park- pack a fun lunch and snacks or dinner and bring a ball or cornhole games and just enjoy the great outdoors.
  4. Petting zoos or aquariums- with the pandemic hopefully behind us- many places have been letting kids in for free or at a huge discount. Go on a fun learning adventure today!

Since we are from all parts of the world, use this list as inspiration to plan a fun family day that is full of pictures, memories and laughs! Before you know it, it will be back to school and the fall will be upon us. 


Bringing the family together will allow everyone to take a break from work, phones, and give you a chance to reconnect and enjoy truly being together. So make the effort to minimize phone use and talk to one another. 


I’m planning a mini golf session this weekend and excited to have some quality family time and take time to refuel before going back to work Monday!


You can even make a game out of these activities to help the family engage and get into the activity together like a scavenger hunt or I spy type of fun. Or maybe a writing activity after to talk about their favorite part of the day.


Enjoy the day and can’t wait to see where it takes you!




4th of July Picnic Recipes

The 4th of July is almost here and more and more people are wanting to get out and celebrate! What better way to do so than with a picnic followed by a fireworks show? Here are 10 recipes that are sure to dazzle and amaze!



Strawberry Lemonade

Who doesn’t love a good strawberry lemonade on a hot, summer day? Put it in mason jars for easy transportation for a great picnic drink option! Click here for the recipe.

Patriotic Punch

This is a great drink to show your patriotism for the 4th of July! Just make sure that all 3 juices/drinks have different amounts of sugar content per ounce.This will help keep the layers separated. Check out how to make it here.




What’s one of the first things that you think of when you think of picnics and appetizers? I think of dips! This homemade salsa recipe is the perfect start for your 4th of July picnic!

Avocado Spinach Artichoke Dip

Another dip to include is this cool twist to a spinach artichoke dip option! You can bring a bunch of tortilla chips to enjoy both dips on this list! Find out how to make it here.



Pulled Pork Sliders

These sliders are a great option to keep entrees in individual sized portions to help keep everything organized! They’re great to make ahead of time and warm up right before you pack your picnic! You can find the recipe here!

Beef and Mushroom Burgers

You can’t not have burgers to celebrate the 4th of July, right? These beef and mushroom burgers are a perfect addition to your picnic basket! Learn how to make them here.



Deviled Eggs

Who doesn’t like deviled eggs?? They make for a great pairing with both entree recipes listed! Check out a delicious recipe for classic deviled eggs here.

Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad with Walnut Pesto

Another great side to pair with the entrees listed is this awesome version of pasta salad! Veggies and pasta, what isn’t there to love? Find out how to make it here!



Sugar Cookie S’mores

Cookies? S’mores? What’s not to love about this fusion?? It’s a great dessert option that’s portable! You can find the recipe here.

Patriotic Candy Bark

How do you show your patriotism apart from drinking some patriotic punch? You also indulge in patriotic candy bark! Check out this delicious recipe!


Do you have a go to 4th of July picnic recipe that never fails? Comment it below!


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Top Hiking Locations for the Spring!

Spring is in the air and is a perfect time to go outside and get some exercise while staying an acceptable distance apart! Here are 5 awesome hiking locations to check out!

The Maroon Lake Scenic Trail in Aspen, Colorado

If you like capturing your hike via pictures, the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail is one of the most photogenic hikes in in Aspen, Colorado. If you go during late spring, there’s a mile-long “out and back” path that takes you along the lake and streams to the best view of Colorado’s famous Maroon Bells!

Cascade Mountain in Keene, New York

Cascade Mountain’s hike in Keene, New York is a great place to introduce adventurous kids to mountain hike. The 4.8-mile hike round trip brings hikers through a fairly moderate terrain that takes an average of two hours to complete. At the 1.8-mile marker, there’s an opportunity to catch your breath and observe a hint of what’s to come via an open ledge overlooking Algonquin, Colden and Marcy Mountains.

Angels Landing, Zion National Park in Hurricane, Utah

Angels Landing is one of Zion National Park’s most famous hikes. Ascending 1,488 feet, the 5-mile trail welcomes hikers of all skill levels, though it is often categorized as strenuous and not recommended for those who are prone to experiencing vertigo. At the highest perch, you are able to catch your breath and bask in the canyon’s great grandeur.

The Franconia Ridge Trail in Franconia, New Hampshire

Immerse yourself in the green mountainsides with the well-plotted Franconia Ridge Traverse, an 8.9-mile summit loop trail that brings you to two mountain peaks, Mount Lincoln and Mount Lafayette, as well as the smaller, Little Haystack. The trail narrows at points providing a challenge best for intermediate hikers with a payoff worth the effort, as the White Mountain’s green panorama is unmatched in the region.

The Boulder River Hike in Arlington, Washington

Springtime’s arrival brings the Boulder River Hike back to life as the rivers and waterfalls rush with the newly melted snow and spring rains. The hike is considered a family trail as its low-grade terrain and wide paths cater well to children. The 8.6-mile round trip along the Boulder River features plenty of picture-perfect waterfall lookouts and a nice spot to take a breather and enjoy lunch along the river.

If you have any great additions to add to this list, put them in the comments below!