Romantic Gestures

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you have a plan in place? Here are a few romantic gestures that can be incorporated throughout the week (or longer) to be even more romantic without worrying about breaking the bank.

1. Pick a chore that your significant other hates doing and complete it. – Even if it’s just a one time thing, it’ll mean the world that you’ve listened and remembered.

2. Call your significant other and have a conversation rather than texting them. – In today’s society, they may be confused that you opted out of texting to actually talk, but they’ll find it romantic when you explain that you just wanted to hear their voice.

3. Make a plan instead of debating what to do for dinner or a date night. – Plan out a night that you know your significant other will love and save yourselves the time and annoyance of picking out where to go.

4. Bring home their favorite meal for dinner. – Stop on your way home from work and pick something up that you know your significant other will love to eat!

5. Surprise your significant other with something nice. – A nice bouquet of flowers or some of their favorite ice cream might make them smile, if only for a minute.

6. Dress up once in a while. – If you’ve been dating for years, it’s easy to fall into a routine of just lounging around your significant other. Surprise them on your next date by wearing something special, even if it’s something simple that you know they love to see you in.

7. Leave them little notes. – Put a sticky note on the mirror telling them they look great. Or hide a scrap of paper that has “I love you” written on it in their pocket. It’ll make their day when they see it.

8. Tag them in a meme. – Tag your significant other in a funny meme that you saw on social media that reminds you of them. You can start a collection of inside jokes surrounding these.

9. Take your significant other to your favorite places. – Show them all the important places in your life to make them feel even more included.

10. Let them know you’re thinking about them. – Our lives are hectic and it’s easy to slip into a routine where if we see each other so much, we start to internalize little moments when our significant others cross our minds. Send them a text or a simple yell across the room to let them know you’re on their mind goes a LONG way.

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