Puerto Rico Adventure

Traveling to Puerto Rico

Want to discover some amazing cuisine? GO TO PUERTO RICO! I’ve had some of the best food here and it’s where the Piña Colada was invented. I had the opportunity to go to Old San Juan for a few days and I can’t wait to dive in and tell you all about it. I stayed at the El San Juan Resort and it was beautiful! The room was perfect for the four of us girls and the pools and beaches were very well kept. 

Our first stop was Pamela’s for dinner. It was delicious and, on the beach at sunset – talk about perfection. The next night we ate inside a shell; literally the La Concha hotel is shaped like a beautiful sea shell that sits right on the water. The food was magnificent and the vibe there was wonderful. There was dancing and music to enjoy in this hotel. We walked there and then to a rooftop bar. Actually, we went on foot almost everywhere and felt very safe.

Of course we had to try local foods, too; the mofongo and plantains were fantastic and they can be served multiple ways. The food was just incredible! I can’t say enough about it. We walked downtown and stopped at random local restaurants that had great vibes and ate our way through the city.

The beaches were breathtaking and always had a light breeze. I rented a paddle board while I was visiting. It was so much fun and great to see the island from the water. The water was crystal clear and a beautiful aqua blue color. 

I was only there for a few days for a girls trip, but I definitely want to go back to explore the national forest and do some hiking and kayaking. Puerto Rico is known for its bioluminescent algae night kayak tour and El Yunque National Forest. These are two things I will most certainly do when I return next time. There are so many tour options for all different activity levels so everyone can enjoy the views and beautiful wildlife PR has to offer.

I did sightsee in Old San Juan and loved the old architecture and history that the city had to offer. You can walk along the coast where you will see many stray cats hanging around, and they may even follow your path for a while. 

You can take a ferry ride to the rum distillery. Ferries also go to St. Thomas, where you can go explore the beautiful island for the day. I highly recommend this if you have enough time during your stay in Puerto Rico.

I hope you will add this beautiful island to your travel list of must-sees and I know I’m so excited to make my plans to head back soon.

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