Grab a snack!

Is the act of reading a whole mood for you? When I open a book, I make sure to get comfortable; I grab a blanket, sometimes a pillow, a drink (see the wine post from earlier), and I NEVER forget the snacks! This is especially true when I can't put the book down, like with Bottle of Uncertainty. I appreciate different foods depending on the genre I am enjoying.

Here are 3 of my favorite snacks:

1) Pseudo trail mix: This play on trail mix includes cashews, chocolate chips, peanuts, and dried bananas. It is the PERFECT combination of sweet and salty!

2) Popcorn: Everyone loves popcorn while being pulled into a cinematic world. A book world pulls me in just the same!

3) Mixed berries in a bowl: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and more! If you're wanting a healthier snacking option, this is a great one. and it's one of the most relaxing ways to get your antioxidant fix!

Other snack ideas for the salty crave:

1) Chips: Everyone loves another classic! Whether you stick with original or mix it up with a flavor, chips will kick your salty craving out of the park.

2) Crackers: Most are not as salty as chips, but sometimes you want a lighter salt content to your snack!

3) Pretzels: Are you a fan of the traditional shape or stick? This snack is great as a standalone or mixed with other ingredients.

Other snack ideas for the sweet crave:

1) Cookies: You can stick to one type like chocolate chip, or go for a variety pack including (but certainly not limited to) peanut butter, macadamia nut, sugar, etc. Reading is your safe space. No one will judge you for your cookie count!

2) Ice cream: With all the flavor options available, what's not to love about this snack option? Enjoy bite-sized brands or go straight for the pint. Pair it with a coffee or hot chocolate and you are set!

3) Cake: Are you the standard flavor lover for simply chocolate or vanilla? Or do you prefer more decadence such as red velvet or carrot cake? Do you like all the icing or would you rather let the fluff of the cake speak to your tongue?

Whatever your choice of snack entails, there is no judgement here. As long as you use it to elevate your reading experience, it's a great snack in my book! Do you think your taste preferences depend on where you live? If you think you have an unusual book snack, share it in the comments!

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