My Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is hands down THE BEST holiday for foodies. This year has been a trying one for sure. And having the chance to get together with family and friends to reflect on everything I am thankful for is great. I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday dishes! Please comment below and share what your favorites are! Did they make my list?

1. Cornbread casserole - Cornbread is delicious by itself (because who doesn't love carbs), but there is still a way to make it better. Turn it into a casserole to get the best of both worlds! Putting a variety of textures and flavors into the mix is a great way to make this dish a staple with your Thanksgiving celebration.

2. Green beans and bacon - They always say you should have some kind of vegetable with your meal. They never said you couldn't add bacon to it! Green beans are a great low-calorie, low-cost vegetable. If you're having trouble finding fresh ones, you can easily use the frozen ones. Adding bacon brings so much flavor into the fold! Honestly, this dish goes great with any type of meat. But I know for a fact that it will be sitting next to the turkey in less than a week!

3. Butternut squash - Whether you simply roast it, or caramelize it, or cook it in another fancy way, you really can't go wrong with butternut squash. It's a great overall fall and winter ingredient for dishes that include soup, pasta, pie, etc. The list goes on and on! I personally love it as a stand alone side for my Thanksgiving meal!

4. Stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce sandwiches - Now hear me out. Once the massive celebration meal is over, and everyone goes home, what do you do with all the leftovers? I like being creative and combine stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce to make a DELICIOUS leftovers sandwich. Keep it simple with just these leftover ingredients, or add more for fun. Try it out!

5. Double baked potatoes - Why have plain regular potatoes when you can have so much more? Bake potatoes the first time like normal, then add all the greatness of the extras and bake once more! If you haven't experienced these before, once you do, you'll never want to go back!

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