Fall Favorite Books 2020

Best Books for the Perfect Fall Day

It’s a brisk fall day. The leaves are falling. The smell of your favorite candle is traveling through the freshly cleaned house. You’ve got a glass of your favorite wine or cup of tea / coffee. Now all you need is the perfect book to cozy up with. Take your pick of one of these fall favorites:

Bottle of Uncertainty by Katie Melko

In this suspenseful romance, newly-graduated veterinarian, Amelia Pawsky, leaves her hometown behind and takes off for the West Coast for a fresh start. But then she meets Teddy. Amelia is thrust into facing her own deep, dark secrets, as Teddy must decide if he can accept Amelia for who she is. This story will take you on a journey with Amelia and Teddy as they discover forgiveness, passion and possibly a love that will last a lifetime.

The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henerson

Get lost in this bewitching tale of Immanuelle Moore’s discovery of the dark powers within herself as the truth of her puritanical town, Bethel, comes to light. Born into a disgraced family, Immanuelle does her best growing up to worship the Church and lead a life of devotion, but when the spirits of four witches give her her dead mother’s journal - she is shocked to learn the truth of her history, and the path she must take for her future.

The Haunting of Brynn Wilder

Brynn Wilder is new to the small tourist town of Wharton. Booking a boarding house for the summer, Brynn wants to reset after a devastating loss. She meets a few friendly neighbors: Alice, who knows more about everyone than she should, LuAnn, the inn owner, and Dominic, a handsome tattooed man. Brynn finds herself drawn to Dominic even as mystery swirls around him. Something haunting is calling for Brynn, will she answer it?

Autumn by Ali Smith

There’s no better way to celebrate fall’s arrival than with Part 1 of 4 of this Seasonal Quartet. Based in the UK, this story centers in on best friends Daniel and Elisabeth through time, love, and memories as Autumn rolls around year-to-year.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

Vietnam War veteran Ernt Allbright hasn’t been the same since the war. He makes an impulsive decision to move his wife and daughter to desolate Alaska to live off the grid. His wife, Cora, will do anything for the man she loves, and their daughter Leni must go along for the ride. But when the sunlight dwindles and winter approaches, Ernt’s mental state deteriorates even further - the two women realize they are all alone.

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