Fall Back On Crafts

Who doesn't love crafts? I love being creative: not just mentally, but physically too! With the cold setting in, the fall is a great time to stay indoors and decorate the house with handmade items. Take a break from reading Paw Elementary or Bottle of Uncertainty and check out these 5 cool ideas! Do you see a future favorite?

1. Pressed Flower Pumpkin

This craft is SUPER easy! Simply grab a faux pumpkin to last all your decorating days. You can leave it orange or paint it a different color to mix things up! If you do paint it, let it dry completely. Then take some Modge Podge and paint a small area on the pumpkin's surface. Carefully place a pressed leaf or flower over the small area and smooth out the edges so it fully sticks. Repeat all over the pumpkin and let it dry completely. You can paint another couple of layers of Modge Podge over everything to seal in the leaves and flowers. Make sure you let it sit to dry for several hours to fully cure.

2. Dip Dye Candles

If you want to fancy up some plain candles into something more festive, you can mix melted candle wax and crayon shavings and dip plain taper candles into the mixture. Use bright fall colors and let them dry completely. Then light them and receive all the compliments from your friends and family!

3. Scaredy Pot

Are you plagued by crows? Even if you're not, this scaredy pot is a fun craft to make for the fall time! Cover the bottom part of the top pot with burlap and use either acrylic paint or permanent markers to create the face. Fill the top with strands of raffia and glue some around the base as well. Thread 4 long strands of jute twine through the head and knot them together on the inside. The arm strings come out between the head and body pot while the leg strings extend fully through both. To tightly secure, thread the twine through a wooden bead on the inside of the hands and feet pots before knotting. Add in more strands of raffia to all 4 pots and you have your scaredy pot!

4. Bedazzled Gourds

Like the pressed flower pumpkin craft, grab some faux gourds to keep these handmade decorations for years to come. You can paint them over or leave them to show their original colors. Using tacky glue, place the rhinestones in the desired areas. Once dry, you can use a colored sharpie to draw patterns around the rhinestones. To dress it up even more, you can go over the designs with a glitter sparkle glue paint!

5. Colorful Acorns

This is an easy craft with only 3 items needed: acorns, paint, and glitter (optional)! You can paint acorns with a dip effect, or by brush. Add glitter while the paint is still wet and voila!

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Happy Fall!

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