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Do you know a child who is afraid of the dentist? Take a look at the book that started my Paw Elementary series journey! Your kid can go on an adventure with Roxy as she talks to her family and friends about the dentist and see how she overcomes her fears.

Roxy’s school announces that a dentist would be coming to check everyone’s teeth!

We see that Roxy is really nervous to experience this. But if this was your first time interacting with a dentist, wouldn’t you be too?

Follow her through the book and see how happy she is about her journey! Do you think this is a great way to help handle children’s fear of the dentist?

Some areas, both locally and globally, still aren’t able to have as pleasant of experiences involving their teeth. 12 Paws Publishing, LLC is proud to partner with its sister company, Off the Grid Missions, to assist in this matter!

This non profit organization will be working to promote literacy while providing resources, supplies, education, and care across the globe. Working locally in Connecticut, Off the Grid Missions will continuously be providing outreach care in communities and looking for ways to help people. In October 2021, supplies will be brought to a church in the Dominican Republic for families in need. And in December 2021/January 2022, you will see Off the Grid Missions in Tanzania with supplies and resources to provide oral hygiene products, books, and toys for children.

Off the Grid Missions is looking for donations and volunteers to help maximize this effort. If you are interested, please reach out to [email protected]

In addition, any books or products (both children’s and romance series) purchased through Katie Melko, a percentage of those proceeds will go towards this cause!

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