My trip to Niagara Falls

Last weekend my husband and I traveled to Ontario, Canada to visit Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario. It was breathtaking, I honestly am still in awe of its beauty. It was about a 7 hour ride for us to travel up to Canada and it was well worth the travel time. If you love nature, wine, breweries, and amusement, Niagara is a great place for couples and families.

Our first day there we went through customs to enter Canada, it was a smooth process as long as you prepared for it. We had to get a PCR covid test 72 hours before travel and bring a paper copy of our results along with covid vaccine records and our passports. I also had to upload all of that information on ARRIVECAN which is an app Canada uses to have electronic documents of who comes and goes.

Then we were off to our first hotel stay at the Capri Inn which is on the channel that goes out to Lake Ontario. It is in the city area but has a limited amount of rooms with a lake view. It was a great stay- clean, shower had great pressure and the beds were comfortable. After we checked in, we decided to go check out a couple of the wineries in the area. I was shocked to find out that they have over 100 in a 30 minute radius of where we were staying.

The first one we visited and honestly the best one- I highly recommend visiting is Reif Estate Winery. Don\’t make the same mistake we did, make a reservation!! The wine we tasted was very good that we even bought a few bottles, which is rare for me to do. The ambiance there is beautiful. Surrounded by fields and fields of wine grapes. The winery has food and slushies as well. We enjoyed it!

We then headed out to two other wineries where one was awful and the other one was just okay. Then spent a low key night watching tv in our room and ordered food to go. It was a beautiful day, but wanted to rest for Niagara Falls the following morning.

The next morning we checked out and headed to Lake Ontario, walked the pier and then had breakfast at Captains. The food is subpar in Canada, we struggled finding decent food. The lake was beautiful and we really enjoyed walking the pier.

We took a quick 15 minute drive over to Niagara Falls Scenic Park and parked- $30. There is no free parking anywhere, we even had to pay to park our car at our hotel this night. As soon as we entered, we were in awe of the views, it is stunning. We walked all along the river to see the New York , USA side of the falls and Canadian side. If it\’s windy, you will get wet pretty much anywhere you go but there is an area near Table Rock where you will get wet just standing there. Table Rock is a restaurant that you can eat at, but also the building has a gift shop and entrance to Journey Behind the Falls, which is the excursion we decided to do.

Journey Behind the Falls allows you to walk the tunnels and go out on the observation deck right next to the falls, it\’s beautiful and very wet. Don\’t worry, they give you a poncho! There is so much history to this tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It took us about 40 minutes to get through it. It isn\’t a tour- you do it at your own pace. Highly recommend!

We walked around some more before heading to our hotel- The Oakes Hotel. We had a stunning view of the falls from our room. Then we headed out to the casino to check it out and have dinner. We ate at the italian place in the food court- it is sit down and was decent. It wasn\’t amazing but wasn\’t bad either. Later we got Thai ice cream and it was so delicious, you should definitely check it out if you love dessert.

Back at the falls, they illuminate them at night from dusk til about 2am. It starts off a certain color and then later on it changes constantly. It was really cool to see and you can even pay to be able to go to the powerstation to change the colors yourself. We didn\’t do this but I imagine this is fun for kids.

The sunrise comes up over the falls and it was a great way to start the day with a cup of coffee. We just kept saying how amazing it was to see, can\’t say enough about it. We checked out of the hotel and took the incline railway down to the falls and walked into the amusement part of town to check it out. There is a beautiful garden to walk through- it\’s free and tons of restaurants, stores, and amusement type stuff.

Do yourself a favor and plan your trip! You won\’t regret it. Getting back into the USA was super easy and then we headed home! <3

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