My Time in Cancun, Mexico!

Cancun, Mexico was an amazing adventure from start to finish. My husband and I went with some friends of ours and stayed at the RUI. They have three sister resorts one grander than the next. The great thing about RUI is that they are all inclusive resorts with great food and entertainment. We booked all of our excursions through them and really enjoyed our stay there.


Downfall with Mexico is water, you have to drink bottled water and use it to brush your teeth as well. So it takes some getting used to when showering to make sure you don’t accidentally swallow any. IF you do, you will have stomach issues that is for sure. This also means ice is not common there and most alcohol gets served at room temperature. When we got to Mexico at the airport we immediately were like- vacation wahooo. Tequila shots- No bueno, so warm and gross. So don’t make the same mistakes haha.

Make sure you get a plan to make phone calls or get wifi to do wifi calling. The hotel charges quite a bit to call using their phones. When you are in Mexico, I do recommend using the hotel services to book your trips outside the hotel compound. We did venture out on our own and it didn’t give me the warm and fuzzy feeling of safety. If you do decide to leave on your own, be aware of your surroundings and stay in public places for your safety. 

Now that all of that is out of the way, Mexico is beautiful! We did a few excursions, one being an adventurous one (which I love). We did a full day excursion to Coba ruins and visited a Maya village on the Yucatan Peninsula. This included us rappelling into a cenote for a swim, cruising along a lagoon in a canoe and hiking to a zipline inside a rainforest jungle. When at the Mayan village of Pac Chen, we had a blessing ceremony from a local shaman and got to gain an insight into ancient and present day Maya culture from our wonderful guide- Juan! We ended our day enjoying a beautiful home cooked meal and lounged in a hammock.

Another day, we went to Rivera Maya to do a snorkeling excursion on a coral reef. It was very well protected, you had to wear chemical free sunscreen and you couldn’t not touch or step on the coral reef. It was stunning and we got to lounge on the beach and enjoy local cuisine while there. 

The last excursion we did, was a jet ski tour out to coral reef bed in the middle of the ocean, we got to see beautiful starfish, conch shells, and other beautiful fish and feed them! 

We did experience some local nightlife. One night we went to the Congo and then Senior Frogs. Definitely a different and fun experience. We were able to go downtown to an open market and do some shopping as well. 

Mexico has some amazing areas and I definitely want to get back to see other parts and the ruins there! Happy Traveling friends~

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