Fun Spring Activities

It’s about that time of year when you and the kiddos are ready to let loose, take your shoes off, and ditch the rules for some fun in the sun! Here are some great fun spring activities to do with your kids!

For the days that you don’t want everyone to stay stuck inside on their games or phones, why not play some kickball in the backyard or at the park? Gather up all of their friends and take them to spend the day at the park running out all of their energy.

If you have the room and tools, you can help your kids build tree houses or tree forts. It can be a teaching moment for learning to be a builder and then they can take their painting skills and paint the treehouse afterward to make it more personalized for them!

For something a little easier to put together and tear down, a backyard obstacle course is a great idea! Include hula hoops, water balloons, etc, to get the kids up and active and having fun. It doesn’t matter the type of games it’s filled with or how it’s set up; make it personalized to the things your children like to do and watch them have a blast!

If you want to keep their brains intrigued, find some fun science projects online that can be done with household items and teach them about all the elements involved. Just make sure to stay safe if you\’re working with reactions!

Another hands on activity for your kids is having them create their own vegetable garden. They can learn all about gardening while also growing foods that you can eat later on!

No matter what you do this spring with your kiddos, don’t forget to have fun with them and show them that it’s okay to just be a kid. There’s no need to rush into adulthood when they have their whole lives ahead of them.


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