Fun Outdoor Activities: Winter Edition

Winter Activites

We are in the thick of winter and it can be tough trying to find things to do! Especially in this time where Covid has impacted so much and kept people inside more than they wanted. So here are 5 fun outdoor activities for families to enjoy during this winter season.

Make desserts straight from the snow!

snow cream

Do you remember making ice cream by hand when you were younger? If you live in the parts of the country where snow is common, try this activity on for size! Get up to 8 cups of clean snow (if you’re not in a place that gets several inches of snow in an instance, you can always plan this activity out and collect the snow beforehand). Miix 1 cup of milk, ⅓ cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt in a bowl and then add the snow. Make sure to stir everything together really well and enjoy it before it melts away! Add in your favorite candy or flavored syrups to really take the homemade ice cream to the next level.

Play I-Spy

Get exercise and play games all at the same time! Go on a walk around the neighborhood or be slightly more daring and explore a brand new place. Make sure you are dressed well to keep warm and then play I-Spy! If you have younger kids, this also helps build their awareness of surroundings. Observation is a learned skill and this is the perfect way to make it fun!

Paint the snow

snow paint

Release your creativity! Add either food coloring or watercolor paints with water and put them in a spray bottle. Go outside and paint a masterpiece in your yard! Make sure you are using a spray bottle with different nozzle settings to be able to create different lines and styles.

Feed the birds

Birds have to eat, too! Get the family together to create bird feeders either fit for the freezing temperatures or, if you live closer towards the south, something more unconventional than just a store-bought feeder. Take a look at all the creative ways to keep your feathered friends fed here!

Nest competition

bird's nest

The wintertime can be rough on a bird’s nest. Go out on a nature walk with your family and make it a mission for each person to find items to put together to make the best bird’s nest. Ask the kids if they know what items a bird would prefer. Come back together and vote on whose is the best based on different criteria like creativity, ingenuity, etc. At the end of the competition, go around and place all the bird’s nests in great places.

Getting outside is important, no matter what time of year it is. Make sure that you have fun and keep warm with whatever you do!


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