Cruising Through the Caribbean Part 1

Cruising Through the Caribbean part 1

Have you ever wanted to do a cruise but wasn’t sure if it was the right type of vacation for you? Well I went on a 16 day caribbean cruise from December 29-January 14 and will be giving you all the details! First thing I did that was wrong was I over packed- trust me you do NOT need 16 days worth of clothes. Today I’ll be doing a packing guide and top 10 essential items to pack for your cruise. We decided to take our cruise with the Princess line and we were so pleased with the experience. It was the Regal Princess ship, with covid being a concern, I just have to say that I have never felt so safe. The cruise ship was only at 50% or less during the 16 days and they were strict with hand washing stations, purell dispensers everywhere and masks inside.

10 Essentials:

  1. Motion sickness pills
  2. Tylenol / Advil
  3. Band-aids – first aid kit
  4. Couple flip flops, 1 heel or dress shoe, sneakers
  5. Couple of bathing suits
  6. Couple of dressier dresses/ men\’s slacks for formal nights
  7. 7 days of underwear/ undergarments
  8. Long pants and a sweater- sometimes the ship is cold and it’s windy outside
  9. Couple shorts/tops and some casual dresses
  10. Suntan lotion/ spray for face and body. – make sure you pack enough as its very expensive on the boat

We learned the hard way with Advil/ Tylenol- it\’s expensive just for a couple of pills. Plan accordingly and make sure you pack some band-aids for blisters or cuts and Neosporin. Then get pills or a bracelet just in case you have a rocky day at sea or if you are prone to seasickness.

As for packing clothing, they have a laundromat on each floor and they have a laundry service if you prefer. It’s $3.00 a load and $1.50 for detergent. There also is an ironing board available in the laundromat for use.  I did laundry a couple of times, just easier and less to worry about. I personally over packed but my husband did well. In the future I would only bring what I listed above. There were items I never wore and it takes up so much space. I would bring a pair of sneakers if you want to hike, workout or will be doing a lot of walking at port. One pair of dressy heels and a dress flip flop and one for the pool/beach.  I wore my sneakers on the plane, that way it didn’t take up valuable suitcase space. I would only pack 2-3 bathing suits max and a couple cover ups. I brought so much more and it was not worth it. There were formal nights on the boat and I saw people from casual to tux and black tie attire. Dress to what you are comfortable with but we enjoyed getting dressed up for a couple nights and getting formal pictures done. Then I would recommend a couple of tops and shorts, some casual dresses/ attire and long pants/ sweater. It does get cold inside and it can be windy and chilly on the deck, so having some extra layers will help you stay warm and be prepared for the cruise.

The sun is very strong on the islands and out on the water. The last thing you want is to be burnt and miserable, make sure you pack enough sunblock for how long you’ll be gone as it can be quite expensive on the ship and at ports. Most importantly, have fun and relax. The ship has all you could want and more. The food is delicious, the service is excellent and they have so much going on that there is always something for everyone aboard.

Our ship had 18 decks with rooms starting on deck 4 and most restaurants and shops were on 5-7, we had 2 specialty restaurants, 3 dining rooms, pizza restaurant, gelato, 2 coffee shops, room service and a wonderful buffet. There also was a small amazing sushi bar. On the pool deck you could also find pizza, bar food like burgers, soft serve ice cream, popcorn and a bar. It also offered daily bingo, trivia, game shows and 2 nightly performances in the theater that ranged from cabaret to comedy. A casino and club were places we went to frequently, along with live music in multiple bars around the ship. They had movies under the stars and bands on the pool deck at night. There is a fitness room and two floors of sports, a kid camp and crafts daily. Who doesn’t love shopping? We had a jewelry and watch store, boutique, clothing store and duty free store to shop in, a state of the art spa and medical center.

You can also use your medallion which is a round tracking device that also is your room key and money that you use to have food and drinks delivered to you from anywhere on the boat. As you can see there is so much this ship has to offer. The rooms were beautiful. We had a balcony the first week and a mini suite the second week. I highly recommend a room with a balcony as the views are stunning and it\’s peaceful to sit out on.

I hope you enjoyed this walk through including a top 10 essential list! Tune back next week as I deep dive into all the ports we visited on our 16 day back 2 back Caribbean cruise aboard the wonderful Regal Princess.


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