New Hampshire Adventures

NH Adventures

Have you ever wanted to visit the beautiful state of NH? Last summer I had the opportunity to live there for two months while my husband renovated a log cabin. We stayed in a little cabin that was secluded out in White Mountains and it was gorgeous. There is so much to do especially if you love the outdoors and have adventurous little ones. I would highly recommend  visiting. There are so many campgrounds, hotels, and quaint towns to visit. 

Even if you do more winter sport activities- NH is still a great place to visit. While we were there we hiked Mt. Moosilauke and Camel’s hump (VT) both were challenging, fun, and stunning aerial views. We also spent time hiking remote areas with our metal detector, went snorkeling and swimming in the swimming holes. They are everywhere and glorious. We even spent time gold panning in some of the river beds. The sound of the water flowing, nature chirping in the background and the pure silence of the hustle and bustle was just what the doctor ordered. 

If you want to go into town, the food is so good and affordable. Great local spots for ice cream- we visited Moose Scoops more than I care to admit. There are zip lining and rope courses downtown, the polar caves, and Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves that I would definitely recommend checking out for some education and fun. 

We went mini golfing one day, visited a local winery and brewery, and scavenged for covered bridges- there are over 50 in NH. Storyland is also a great spot for kids to visit. You can surely find fun for everyone when visiting. They have beautiful lakes and great pull offs for photo opportunities of the great mountain landscapes.

Another unique experience that I got to do was to pick daisies, boil them down, and dye my own yarn. I learned how to knit and I even made a hat. It was such an amazing experience. I read a book in I don’t know how long, lounged in a hammock, and really got to do some great soul searching and self care. It’s so important to take time to listen to what your body needs. 

If you are looking to get away and find some tranquil, fun and low key family fun- I would say you have found a great place to go.



Non Profit Feature

Do you know a child who is afraid of the dentist? Take a look at the book that started my Paw Elementary series journey! Your kid can go on an adventure with Roxy as she talks to her family and friends about the dentist and see how she overcomes her fears.

Roxy’s school announces that a dentist would be coming to check everyone’s teeth!

We see that Roxy is really nervous to experience this. But if this was your first time interacting with a dentist, wouldn’t you be too?

Follow her through the book and see how happy she is about her journey! Do you think this is a great way to help handle children’s fear of the dentist?

Some areas, both locally and globally, still aren’t able to have as pleasant of experiences involving their teeth. 12 Paws Publishing, LLC is proud to partner with its sister company, Off the Grid Missions, to assist in this matter!

This non profit organization will be working to promote literacy while providing resources, supplies, education, and care across the globe. Working locally in Connecticut, Off the Grid Missions will continuously be providing outreach care in communities and looking for ways to help people. In October 2021, supplies will be brought to a church in the Dominican Republic for families in need. And in December 2021/January 2022, you will see Off the Grid Missions in Tanzania with supplies and resources to provide oral hygiene products, books, and toys for children.

Off the Grid Missions is looking for donations and volunteers to help maximize this effort. If you are interested, please reach out to [email protected]

In addition, any books or products (both children’s and romance series) purchased through Katie Melko, a percentage of those proceeds will go towards this cause!

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Local Shop Feature

Do you love plants? Do you want a way to show how fun gardening can be to a child? In my newest children’s book, Paw Elementary: Luna Plants a Garden, Luna is thrilled for spring time and the chance to plant a garden with her friends at school!

We follow her through this exciting adventure! Her school is wanting to be decorated with all sorts of plants!

Luna brings new friends into the group and makes sure that any fears about gardening are overcome!

Don’t you think this is a great way to introduce plants and gardening to your little ones? If you don’t know which plants to start with, have I got a shop for you! Check out CB Flora, owned by Kelly Wasko, to find plants of all kinds!

Here’s a blurb about her: “When I’m not with family or in my greenhouse, I am a registered nurse and graduate student–talk about the busy life! I truly believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and I’m determined to pass along tranquility and joy through plants. I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed in a hectic world with limited time and I want to share the relaxation planting brings me, with you!”

Located in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, local customers can pick up directly from the shop or CB Flora can ship all over the US! They restock on a bi-weekly basis. These are just a few of the options in stock right now:

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Drinks for the Spring

With spring settling in nicely in some areas and still touch and go in others, why not put together a nice drink to set moods just right? Settle down with a good book such as Bottle of Uncertainty or my newest novel: A Willow Tree Solace! Whatever you end up doing to pass the time, here are some great drinks that you can make to freshen up the experience!

Raspberry Lemon Drop

This refreshing cocktail comes together with just a few ingredients! Raspberries get mashed up with fresh lemon juice and a splash of honey. A few sprigs of fresh herbs like thyme, mint or basil while not necessary are a great addition! You can find the recipe here.

Peach Bellini

This drink is made with real peaches, peach schnapps, and bubbly Prosecco. No need to wait for the peach season you can enjoy a Peach Bellini any time of the year with frozen peaches! Check out how to make it here.

Piña Colada

Ready in just 5 minutes and 5 ingredients, it couldn’t be any simpler to get sunshine in a glass! This drink is great for hanging out and adding the accessories like the cute little fancy umbrellas makes it that much more inviting! Here’s the recipe!

Cherry Blossom Cocktail

One of the indicators that spring has sprung is when the first cherry blossoms begin to burst open! So why not tribute that in our spring drinks list? This cocktail features a flower-infused vermouth and cherry jam. Find out how to make this delicious drink here!

Sweet Georgia Peach Smash

A great cocktail to drink while sitting on the front porch just relaxing is this sweet Georgia peach smash. While bourbon and whiskey aren’t usually associated to the typical drink gals like to consume, this one will have you gathering for catch ups in no time! Specifically using Old Camp Whiskey gives it an extra boost of peach flavor. Check it out here!


Do you have any drinks that are a staple during the spring time? Put them in the comments so we can all try! As stated above, the second installment of The Vineyard Collection, A Willow Tree Solace, has officially been released! Let me know what you think about it.

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Author Spotlight: Author Kitty Berry

I had the privilege this week to interview an author! Check out Kitty Berry and learn about this amazing romance novel event that her company hosts!

  1. What is RomantiConn? It’s a fun-filled event where authors and readers share their love of fangirling, book-boyfriends, and all things related to books and romance. RomantiConn offers a day to get away from the stress and spend time with friends. At the event, readers will find romance authors with their paperbacks for sale that they will sign and personalize. The event will also include vendors from popular companies.
    RomantiConn-nect: Connecting RomantiConn Authors & Readers is a multi-blog social media push to create more exposure for the CT-based Romance Author Signing Event, RomantiConn and its participating authors. Our goal is to take over social media on Wednesday April 14th and raise awareness across many social media pages and sites.
  2. What is your role? I am the founder of Kitty Berry Books, LLC. which hosts the event. So, pretty much, I’m the host of RomantiConn. I also play a big role in the marketing, hence the birth of RomantiConn-nect: Connecting RomantiConn Authors & Readers.
  3. Are you an author and what is your favorite book you’ve written? I am an author of contemporary romance who writes love stories that never end. If I had to name just one of my books (I have 22 currently live on Amazon. My 23rd will release on 7/24/2021 at RomantiConn) as my favorite, I’d go with my current work in progress. See the next question
  4. Can we expect any new projects soon? My Falls Village Collection (an anthology hybrid where each book can be read alone but will be more enjoyable when read as a collection. The Falls Village Collection authors are participating RomantiConn authors. The small coastal town of Falls Village, Maine is the commonality of this collection) will be complete with the release of the final book (written by me) at RomantiConn. I am currently planning the 2022 RomantiConn Event and working on a new writing project called The Blossom Springs Series about an author and her second chance at love after a mysterious tragedy strikes.
  5. What can attendees expect at RomantiConn? At RomantiConn, a UNICORN Ticket will get an attendee into a luncheon with the authors! They’ll have their choice between three sandwiches (veggie, turkey, beef), a drink, chips, and a salad. It also comes with a cookie! During the one-hour lunch, they’ll be able to sit and chat with their favorite authors from the event in a low-key, informal setting prior to the event. The lunch will be from 11am-12pm. Following that, a General Admission ticket will get them into the signing from 12-4pm. This ticket will come with a tote bag (while supplies last) filled with book related goodies and swag from the signing authors. If attendees want to make a full day of the event, they can purchase a VIP ALL-ACCESS Ticket. That ticket will get them into the signing at 12pm with access until it closes at 4pm. It also includes entry into the mingle from 4:30-6:30pm. Open bar, passed hor d’oeuvres, and food stations will be available while they mingle with and get to know their favorite RomantiConn authors.
  6. What made you want to host RomantiConn? I attended my first signing in August of 2018 in New York City, and I was hooked. After that, I assisted my book bestie (LM Carr) at 2 other NY signings and when we left TNT, I thought to myself, I can do this! Looking back, Janine Infante Bosco made running TNT just look easy. It’s a major commitment and a ton of work. The event takes a good amount of my time each year to plan. But I wanted to create an event that offers a variety of sub-genres to allow readers to fully explore a vast array of Romance. RomantiConn is committed to bringing attendees that variety. RomantiConn also supports all authors, from best-selling, international authors to self-published authors because when I first started out, I quickly learned that obtaining a table at an event was not an easy task. I think RomantiConn does an excellent job in ensuring a table is available to authors at every level in their writing journey.
  7. How many Authors in total? There will be a total of 20 tables reserved for vendors. This list is subject to change
    There is a total of 95 tables reserved for authors. This list is subject to change.

Get to Know the Author Part 2

The second set of questions to get to know me as an author! Can you relate to my answers?


What’s your hardest thing about being an author?

Critics- Sometimes its hard being on the other end of that review – when people seem to forget that their is a human on the other end. Everyone does their best and I for one always try to give my readers the best.

If you could give any new up and becoming author any advice what would it be?

Write it, publish it, do it- There is no better time than the present to go for your goals and do the scary thing.

What novel of your own is your most favorite and why?

The book that is coming out this Christmas is my favorite so far…. SPOILER- Mistletoe Mountain – comes out November 2021. It is a feel good holiday book about a winery that is failing and the woman, Abby, finds a man who got lost in the mountains behind her winery. He’s lost his memory, but knows a lot about business and marketing. Their love story just gives me all the feels and the suspense twist is great lol I think!

If you had to choose one drink for the rest of your life what would it be?


If you could write about any location what would it be?

Greece- Its on my travel list and then I’ll be sure writing a book about it!

What’s one thing you hate the most about writing?

Editing process and of course when I hit a block.

Do you collect anything?

Yes, I do. I collect Delft blue collectibles and smashed pennies from everywhere I go!

What age did you start writing/reading?

Seriously writing- college. I’ve always loved creative writing when I was younger.

If you have any questions you want answered by me, leave them in the comments!


Get to Know the Author Part 1

I realized that I don’t really post much about myself, so I thought this would be a great start to show my supporters who I am!


What kind of stories do you write? What made you start writing them?

My first book was Paw Elementary: Roxy’s Adventure to the School Dentist. It’s a children’s book. My dog Roxy just passed away and I decided, while reflecting on how short life seems sometimes, that I was going to go for it and publish my first book with Roxy as the main character. I then decided to write my first romance novel- Bottle of Uncertainty. I love a good romance with a twist and one day I just started writing.

What are your Favorite things about writing?

The escape that it provides the readers and myself when creating. It’s a place that I can fall into a creative being and just be myself.

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite candy?

Candies that are peppermint and toffee for hard candies

If you had to choose one, what character in your stories would you like to be like and why?

Amelia from Bottle of Uncertainty – There are so many great qualities to Amelia, especially when you’ve read all that she’s been through. I would love to be able to channel her bravery and strength. She also is a huge advocate for animals and so am I.

How many books to date have you written that’s including ones that are in the process of being written?

11- a few aren’t published yet

What is your holiday of choice that you like or love and why?

Christmas. I absolutely love this time of year- I love to donate, sponsor, and give. I think it’s a time that usually people are less selfish and more loving, kind, and giving. It makes me super happy and yes all my Christmas decorations are blue and white, haha.

What’s one of your fears?

Being a failure. Not being good enough. Letting people down.

What are other questions that you would like me to answer? Put them in the comments!


Top Hiking Locations for the Spring!

Spring is in the air and is a perfect time to go outside and get some exercise while staying an acceptable distance apart! Here are 5 awesome hiking locations to check out!

The Maroon Lake Scenic Trail in Aspen, Colorado

If you like capturing your hike via pictures, the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail is one of the most photogenic hikes in in Aspen, Colorado. If you go during late spring, there’s a mile-long “out and back” path that takes you along the lake and streams to the best view of Colorado’s famous Maroon Bells!

Cascade Mountain in Keene, New York

Cascade Mountain’s hike in Keene, New York is a great place to introduce adventurous kids to mountain hike. The 4.8-mile hike round trip brings hikers through a fairly moderate terrain that takes an average of two hours to complete. At the 1.8-mile marker, there’s an opportunity to catch your breath and observe a hint of what’s to come via an open ledge overlooking Algonquin, Colden and Marcy Mountains.

Angels Landing, Zion National Park in Hurricane, Utah

Angels Landing is one of Zion National Park’s most famous hikes. Ascending 1,488 feet, the 5-mile trail welcomes hikers of all skill levels, though it is often categorized as strenuous and not recommended for those who are prone to experiencing vertigo. At the highest perch, you are able to catch your breath and bask in the canyon’s great grandeur.

The Franconia Ridge Trail in Franconia, New Hampshire

Immerse yourself in the green mountainsides with the well-plotted Franconia Ridge Traverse, an 8.9-mile summit loop trail that brings you to two mountain peaks, Mount Lincoln and Mount Lafayette, as well as the smaller, Little Haystack. The trail narrows at points providing a challenge best for intermediate hikers with a payoff worth the effort, as the White Mountain’s green panorama is unmatched in the region.

The Boulder River Hike in Arlington, Washington

Springtime’s arrival brings the Boulder River Hike back to life as the rivers and waterfalls rush with the newly melted snow and spring rains. The hike is considered a family trail as its low-grade terrain and wide paths cater well to children. The 8.6-mile round trip along the Boulder River features plenty of picture-perfect waterfall lookouts and a nice spot to take a breather and enjoy lunch along the river.

If you have any great additions to add to this list, put them in the comments below!


Unique Date Ideas

Getting tired of the same old movie and dinner date night ideas? Let’s bring some romance and fun back into the plan! Here are some unique date ideas that are great for if you’re still in a semi-lockdown status.

Power out date night

Pretend like there is no power and no charge in your devices. Break out the candles and pull out some card or board games with a bottle of wine and have a ball!

Adult kids party

Have a kids birthday party for yourselves. Buy or make a cake, get little gifts for each other, bring back pin the tail on the donkey, bring back the kids party memories! Basically, whatever party games and decorations you want to rock. Because why should kids have all the fun?

Make a homemade piñata together

Stretch this date idea to last over a couple of date nights. Plan and start your piñata on one date, let it dry, on another date, you can decorate it, and on the third date, make a party out of it and smash it! (This idea also pairs well with the above adult kids party idea). Fill it with whatever fun stuff you want. Maybe even each sneak in some surprises for each other.

New food night

Try out some new food items that you have no idea if you will like or not. Grab a bunch of fruit from the grocery store that you have never eaten. Grab a bunch of snacks/food/drinks from an international food store that you have no idea what they taste like. Have a taste testing night. You could also film each of your reactions. Or if you feel really adventurous, try to cook a meal that you’ve never tried before!

Create a new type of dessert together

Desserts are great for experimentation because if you slap enough sweet stuff together, it will probably still taste good. So, let your creativity run wild, make a mess of your kitchen, and get decadent with some sweets!

Do you have any really unique date ideas? Post them in the comments below!


2020 Top Romance Novels

The romance holiday has come and gone once more! But that doesn’t mean that we have to halt all romance talk. Here are some of the top romance novels (not including my own Bottle of Uncertainty) of last year!

Always Only You by Chloe Liese

Chloe Liese delivered one of the freshest, most heartfelt romances of the year. Frankie Zeferino has spent her life building emotional walls, thanks to her autism and her rheumatoid arthritis. But when she strikes up a secret workplace romance with hunky hockey player Ren, she has to learn the value of letting someone in.

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Messy, broken Luc needs to prove himself capable of holding down a healthy relationship to rehab his image (and save his job). When prim and proper Oliver Blackwood enters the picture, they agree to fake a relationship for their mutual benefit. In the process, they fall in love in dizzyingly chaotic fashion, rife with the emotion’s true and glorious complexities.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

This is a deeply felt story of academic Dani Brown and anxiety-plagued security guard Zaf. When Zaf rescues Dani from a fire drill gone wrong, the two embark on a fake relationship to help boost Zaf’s business. But the two exercise such care with each other, they immediately become the other’s soft place to land. Talia Hibbert is an expert at plumbing life’s greatest obstacles – grief, mental illness, feelings of inadequacy — and how to navigate romantic relationships with, not in spite of them.

The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon

Alongside her two new friends, Samiah Brooks vows to spend six months working on herself. No romantic distractions. But that gets tested with the arrival of new coworker, the hunky Daniel Collins, himself an undercover agent. Samiah struggles with the pressure to be perfect, but The Boyfriend Project is a firm reminder of the value of allowing others to help us carry the weight of our own expectations.

The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

Wedding planner Carolina Santos faced her worst nightmare when her fiancé dumped her at the altar, but when a new project forces her to partner with his brother/best man, Max (whom she blames for the jilting), it’s a career opportunity she can’t pass up. As Lina and Max work to prove themselves, they can’t help falling for each other.

Did you find any wonderful romance novels you want to share? Comment below!