Accessories for Cozy Reads

Who doesn’t love a good book after a long day or week? Personally, escaping into another world where my imagination can match my senses to every word being read is a wonderful experience! But I have to have the right settings and accessories to do so. Here are 5 cozy reading accessories that I recommend!

1. Book Page Holder

Are you tired of your fingers getting tired from constantly trying to hold open a book that you just can’t put down? With a book page holder, your thumb can rest in the hole while the weight is distributed to hold the pages open in a more natural and comfortable manner! You can find a great set here.

2. Scented Candles

Having the right scent to help you escape into your book is essential! I have multiple scents of candles to fit different moods of what I am reading. Bath & body works always has great sales!

3. Bath Caddy

Do you like reading in the ultimate relaxation surrounding? Bubble baths, the scented candles listed above, epsom salts, and so much more complete this activity. A bath caddy is PERFECT for you to take reading in the bath to a whole new level. You can find a great one here.

4. Neck Reading Light

If you like reading in the semi dark or near a nicely-lit fireplace, then sometimes your eyes strain a bit when trying to read. Try using a neck reading light! This particular one can be bent in multiple different directions and angles so you are sure to never strain to see the words again!

5. Wine

Wine is one of the ultimate cozy reading accessories, wouldn’t you say? Whether you’re reading by the fire, or adding another relaxation level to the bathtub, wine pairs perfectly in multiple scenarios. Here is a list of 50 best wines from 2021! Did your favorite make the cut?

Are there any accessories for cozy reads that you enjoy that aren\’t in this list? Let me know in the comments!


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