5 Fall Foliage Adventure Ideas

5 -Fall Foliage Adventures

One of my favorite times of the year is leaf peeping season. It is fun for the whole family and you can make it more adventurous with little games to play as well. This will help keep the kids occupied while you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  1. Go for a long scenic drive. There are many scenic roads that are perfect to see these vibrant colors.
  2. Go to a local state park and hike. Hikes vary from easy to difficult- research areas with variety.
  3. Visit a local park and pack a picnic, some hot cider and a blanket. Sit and just soak up all the beauty nature has to offer.
  4. Go on a train ride that travels through areas where the views would be scenic and transport you away from your day to day
  5. Take a boat cruise on a river or lake- these are always so enjoyable and give a different view than from the road!

Depending on where you live, I’m sure there are so many other ideas you can do to see it, but living on the East Coast in Connecticut, we are lucky enough to see fall foliage everywhere.

What do you like to do to experience the fall weather and the beauty nature provides the world with?

For me, I love photography and hiking or kayaking- It gives me such a peace, calmness, and creativity. I feel so much better after venturing out for a while.

Go out and find some adventure 🙂

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