4th of July Picnic Recipes

The 4th of July is almost here and more and more people are wanting to get out and celebrate! What better way to do so than with a picnic followed by a fireworks show? Here are 10 recipes that are sure to dazzle and amaze!


Strawberry Lemonade

Who doesn’t love a good strawberry lemonade on a hot, summer day? Put it in mason jars for easy transportation for a great picnic drink option! Click here for the recipe.

Patriotic Punch

This is a great drink to show your patriotism for the 4th of July! Just make sure that all 3 juices/drinks have different amounts of sugar content per ounce.This will help keep the layers separated. Check out how to make it here.



What’s one of the first things that you think of when you think of picnics and appetizers? I think of dips! This homemade salsa recipe is the perfect start for your 4th of July picnic!

Avocado Spinach Artichoke Dip

Another dip to include is this cool twist to a spinach artichoke dip option! You can bring a bunch of tortilla chips to enjoy both dips on this list! Find out how to make it here.


Pulled Pork Sliders

These sliders are a great option to keep entrees in individual sized portions to help keep everything organized! They’re great to make ahead of time and warm up right before you pack your picnic! You can find the recipe here!

Beef and Mushroom Burgers

You can’t not have burgers to celebrate the 4th of July, right? These beef and mushroom burgers are a perfect addition to your picnic basket! Learn how to make them here.


Deviled Eggs

Who doesn’t like deviled eggs?? They make for a great pairing with both entree recipes listed! Check out a delicious recipe for classic deviled eggs here.

Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad with Walnut Pesto

Another great side to pair with the entrees listed is this awesome version of pasta salad! Veggies and pasta, what isn’t there to love? Find out how to make it here!


Sugar Cookie S’mores

Cookies? S’mores? What’s not to love about this fusion?? It’s a great dessert option that’s portable! You can find the recipe here.

Patriotic Candy Bark

How do you show your patriotism apart from drinking some patriotic punch? You also indulge in patriotic candy bark! Check out this delicious recipe!

Do you have a go to 4th of July picnic recipe that never fails? Comment it below!

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