10 Valentine Date Ideas


Valentine’s Day is almost here! Do you need a last minute date idea? Keep reading for 10 great Valentine date ideas! There’s an array of ideas from the cheaper side to the more spendy side. Check them out below!

1. Explore new parts of your town. Pick an area you’ve never been before! Walk around and make some memories! $20-$40 depending on gas and food.

2. Have a picnic in a park. Pack cute sandwiches and fruit cut up into heart shapes or if you have heated bags, bring a nice cooked meal! Find a great patch of grass and enjoy each other’s company! $20-$30 depending on gas and food.

3. Take a scenic drive. Bust out your favorite tunes or keep the radio low and have a deep and meaningful conversation. Let loose and enjoy the ride! $20-$30 depending on gas and pit stops.

4. Enjoy a great breakfast/brunch & mimosas at home! Cook together or split the job up and let one person cook and the other clean. Enjoy the service and the meal! $20-$30 depending on the cost of food.

5. Go on a painting outing! Many places are the paint and sip kind where you can bring your own alcohol. Sign up for a class and have a beautiful memento to take home! Hang it up on your wall to always remember! $30-$50 depending on the paint & sip company/location.

6. Take a dance class. Do you like moving your feet to a great rhythm? Sign up for a dance class and shake your worries away! $35-$60 depending on the class.

7. Get dolled up and go to a fancy restaurant. Take each other’s breath away and remind each other how fancy you can get! Enjoy great food and a great atmosphere! $30-$60 per person depending on the restaurant (make sure you reserve a table).

8. Enjoy a relaxing couples massage. This is self explanatory; who doesn’t love a good massage? $70-$90 per person depending on the massage location.

9. Mix it up a bit with a photo shoot! Try out fun couples poses and have evidence to keep for all future times. $50-$300+ depending on package pricing and photographer.

10. How about getting away for the night, or even the weekend? Reserve a hotel room or a unique AirBnB location! Get away from the everyday atmosphere and just enjoy each other! $100+ depending on the location.

Do you have favorite date ideas that aren\’t common? Let me know!


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