Katie Melko

Author of Paw Elementary Series- a series that helps introduce and reintroduce children to experiences that can be scary.

Katie Melko

Connecticut born and raised, Katie Melko has always been a creator. Despite a Masters in Dental Hygiene and working in the field for over 10 years, Katie’s passion is writing. Her love of public health and building community has inspired her to find ways to contribute to the world on a greater level.

Paw Elementary Series

Paw Elementary is a children’s book series that was created to help provide families with a resource that can help introduce and reintroduce children to experiences that can be scary. Each book is geared towards encouraging children to be themselves and having courage to try new things.

Off the Grid Missions

Off the Grid Missions is a sister company of 12 Paws Publishing, LLC. We will continue to promote literacy, while providing resources, supplies, education and care to communities across the globe. In addition any books or products purchased, through Katie Melko, a percentage of those proceeds will go to Off the Grid Missions!

The Vineyard Collection

A collection of romance suspense novels that take place at different wineries across the world. Each book having it’s own story line that lightly connect into one another. The journey’s that the female lead characters take you one are sure to keep you one your toes and 
guessing all while telling a beautiful story.
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